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Practices that will help to prevent data and privacy breaches

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Data and privacy breach can be defined as an occurrence where unauthorized individuals access confidential, sensitive or protected data. They can either view the information or steal it. This kind of data that is breached includes trade secrets, intellectual property, personally identifiable information or personal health information. These breaches present a problem to individuals who risk being hacked. Consequently, they have come up with practices that help to prevent data and privacy breaches.

Practices to help curb data and privacy breaches

Assessment of company’s data breach risks beyond IT security

IT securityThe individuals tackling breaches in security should focus on eliminating threats in the entire organization. This includes other sectors of the company and not just the IT department. Evaluation of employee exit strategies by the Human Resource department is necessary. Moreover, on-site and off-site data storage practices must be consistently tested. Remote project protocol also has to undergo evaluation. This evaluation will present grounds for the establishment of new procedures and policies and actual physical safeguards to deter data and privacy breaches.

An establishment of a detailed data loss protection plan

The data loss protection plan that is created should be comprehensive. This will make sure the individual put to task to deal with data breaches has a decisive plan of action to prevent paralysis of operations when the breach happens. These efforts will not go unrecognizable by the organization’s customer base. The consumers will know that in case of a data breach, the company already has a plan to deal with the security threat. The security plan is spread throughout the structure of the organization’s management to make sure every individual knows their part to play if a breach happens.

Educate the employees


Employees should be taught how to handle and protect data that is considered sensitive. Corporate policy is designed in such a way that portable data is safeguarded when employees working at an organization follow the rules. When the employees know how to handle situations involving prevention of data breaches, they can incorporate practices that work to that effect.

Train and offer technical support to mobile workers

To prevent data breaches, the organization should have provisions in their management to offer training and technical support to their workers regardless of where they are conducting their work practices from. Similar standards for data security should be maintained despite the working location. The mobile workers should be provided with policies to push for security.…

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