Tracking Ketosis Using Smartphone Apps

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The keto diet is always mentioned in many weight loss success stories. Success in keto is often determined by how well you manage to stick to the diet program. Unfortunately, most people do not find it easy to track their diet, and this often compromises their body’s ability to achieve a state of ketosis.

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Achieving a state of ketosis requires you to monitor the food you eat or the amounts of ketones in your blood. The best way to go about this process is to embrace technology. This requires you to record and keep updating any relevant data. Instead of trying to remember what you ate, it is easier to download an app that will allow you to do this at your convenience.

Smartphone Apps for Ketosis

The role played by smartphones has been highlighted in the previous sections. In light of that, here are some smartphone apps that could help you achieve a state of ketosis and thus shed those extra pounds.

MyFitness Pal

This is one of the best free apps for anyone working towards shedding weight. What this app does is that it allows you to input your weight, calories goals, food combinations, and even help you learn more about store products by scanning their barcodes. You might have to use the online keto calculator first to determine your optimal dietary requirements.

Blood Ketone Measuring

The blood ketone measuring is highly regarded as far as ketosis is concerned. Unfortunately, most people do not see the need to keep using it after some time considering that feel that they have the experience needed to monitor how much they eat. Personal monitoring is often prone to miscalculations and errors. Accurate tracking, offered by the blood ketone measuring app, is key to achieving a state of ketosis.

Net Carbs

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This app is particularly essential for anyone who needs to track the amounts carbohydrates consumed. This classifies carbs and evaluates the net. Notably, considering that carbs from fibrous foods are good for your digestive system, it subtracts the total amount of carbs from fiber from the total amount of carbohydrates consumed to get the net carbs value.

It is clear that you can now use technology to track the food you eat. However, achieving a state of ketosis requires you to stick to some strict dietary requirements. For more information, you should read this page to understand what ketosis entails before you start using any of these apps. With a good understanding of what keto diets are all about, it becomes a lot easier to monitor your portions. …

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Importance of Owning a Google Fax Number

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A Google fax number will help you by sending a fax using Gmail. This is a replacement for the traditional fax machine number. The growth of the internet has made it easy for people to send a fax using an email. We know the advantages of using email because it is fast and instant. To own a Google fax number, you need to read this tutorial and sign in with a good VoIP provider. The VoIP provider will give you a dedicated number that will be used to send a fax to other people. Here are the benefits of owning a Google fax number:


One thing that you must admit about using a fax number is thefax machine speed. Sending and receiving a fax is instant because it relies on internet speed. If you have ever used the old fax machine, then you will appreciate the speed of using a fax number.

With the old fax machine, you have to wait for the fax to be delivered and this sometimes takes time. The regular breakdown of the machine slows down the process of sending and receiving messages. If you are looking for speed, then using Google fax is the best way to do it.

Online storage

It is always important to store your send and receive fax messages. Using a Google fax number, storing information is easy because you can do it online on your email. When operating a business, you will need to get referred to an e-mail that you sent or received. Instead of storing huge piles of paper documents, all you need is to go an online storage. Online storage is easy to access, and it does not take a lot of space in your office.

Access from anywhere

In the age of old computers, the only way to send and receive images was through the fax machine. When using a fax machine, you must be in the office to send or receive a message. This means that it is difficult to do any transaction after office hours. With a Google fax number, you can send and receive messages from your computer or smartphone.

fax using gmail

Compatibility with your email

The compatibility with your email makes it efficient when using Gmail to send a fax. You can take documents from your Gmail and send them directly to fax. This use of Gmail makes the process easy and efficient without wasting time when trying to access documents.…

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Top tips for data recovery

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Identify your needs

Data recovery is quite important for business survival. This is because it separates and defines your business from others in the same market. In case a failure occurs at any particular level, it is likely to be felt across the entire business. How can your enterprise survive a data loss disaster? Are there provisions you have in place to move on after this?

Understanding risks

CPUData loss ranges from accidental deletion of the files to failure of the complete system. Thus, if you do not have data recovery mechanisms in place, you are likely to put your business at a bigger risk. In fact, failure of IT systems is considered to be a serious threat to any given business. Other considered risks include software, hardware, and electrical. Even threat of natural and fire disaster, although less likely can cause devastating effects. Studies have shown that the economic meltdown of 2008 was as a result of extreme weather conditions such as high winds, flood, and snow.

Assess the criticality of your data

Data recovery is quite critical. When you compile assessments on risks to your enterprises, you can easily develop a recovery strategy. This will ensure the levels of infrastructure can easily be recovered in case of a disaster.

Also, you need to assess how easy it is to recover your files. Remember every business requires that data backup. With the data volumes and legal requirements tightening, traditional data backup may not be cost effective or reliable. On the other hand, managed online data backup services can help you instantly recover files in a matter of seconds to make most of your storage, reducing costs, and saving resources. During backup, data is encrypted to provide a high level of security and can be retrieved whenever recovery is required.

Impact of server failure

There is a need to take into account maximum amount of downtime your system can afford before the effect becomes serious to your business operations. It becomes easy to define the data recovery policy to how critical the system is and how to minimize the recovery time.laptop

Impact of downtime

The majority of large organizations cannot operate without certain systems in place. In fact, without those systems, the company can get out of business. If the site is down for an extended period, you are likely to make a lot of losses.…

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Choosing the best steam cleaners

woman using cylinder cleaner


Keeping the house clean is one of the most important tasks of every individual. Whether they own a home, an apartment or even a room, they have to make sure that it is spotless. Moreover, if there is only one person in the house, or it is a big family with children or pets, it is essential that the house is kept top-notch at all times. It is not necessary to be hoovering it every day. People that are busy with work or other responsibilities cannot be cleaning the carpets, rooms, kitchen, lounge, etc. every day. Therefore, in such situations, the best option is to choose the best steam cleaner that would keep the house nice and shiny for the most of the week.

Equipping yourself

steam cleanersBefore purchasing anything, it is vital that proper and adequate knowledge is gained. Through the internet or otherwise, one must have sufficient information as to which product is better and worth investing in.

Not every product tends to do every work. The same can be said about steam cleaners. This article would inform you as to which one is the best for you. There are mainly three types of steam cleaners, handheld, mop, and cylinder.

Types of steam cleaners

The handheld is the portable one which can be carried around quickly from one place to another. You can use it wherever you want to without any problems whatsoever. The mop is upright one with a long handle that is perfect for cleaning floors. It contains water as can be judged by the name but the water needs to be refilled after one room is done. The last is the cylinder one. Difficult to carry around but can contain enough water for the cleaning of an entire floor. You would not need to refill the water.

Best handheld cleaner

There are several manufacturers in the field of stream cleaners as is the case with almost every technological product these days. Therefore, one needs first to select the type of steam cleaner that is required and once that is done, only then can a person start looking for the manufacturers and products.

As far as handheld stream cleaners are concerned, the Polti Vaporettino Lux Steam Gun is one of the best and cheapest one available in the market. With a weight of 1.8kg, the 0.2 liters holding cleaner can clean many small spaces in the house including the bathroom fittings, oven, etc. The Polti is easy to carry around and is sturdy.

Top quality mop and cylinder cleaners

using cylinder cleanerThe best steam cleaner in the mop category is Bissell 90T1E. Can clean almost every type of floor including vinyl, wooden, marble, etc. The 3.3kg product is very compact and can hold 5.5 liters of water. Brilliant for anyone that does cleaning once a week as it would take care of anything to everything. Lastly, the best cleaner in the cylinder category, Kärcher SC1.020 is your best bet. The 6.6 lbs product comes with a 5-year warranty and is worth investing.…

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How to Incorporate Fax into Google for Your Business

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Incorporating fax into your Google account is one of the best ways to enhance communication for your business. Unlike traditional setups where you would have your fax separate from your emails, this one brings everything together making it so easy for you to manage them. One of the biggest advantages is that you get your faxes in real time. They are delivered to the inbox of your email meaning that you will not have to leave your desk to go to another room just to pick a fax.

It enhances security especially now that you are the only one who can see the faxes, and you choose what to print, and what to leave out. To add to that, the incorporation ensures that you can see your faxes from anywhere as described on this website. Read on to find out how to incorporate fax into Google for your business.

Get a fax number

fax numberAssuming that you already have your Google account set up, you should look for an online fax company. This is the company that will be responsible for sending and receiving your faxes. They will assign you a unique fax number which you can then use with your own email extension. This number is used to identify you, and it is the one that you will be giving out to people who you want to communicate with. Some companies can offer you these numbers at a lower price. Some will even allow you to try them free for some time, say 30 days.

Sending and receiving faxes

This is where most people get stuck. After getting your fax number, you are already in a position to send or receive your first fax. For sending, just log into your Gmail account the same way you do when you want to send ordinary mails. Proceed to select the “compose mail” option the same way you usually do. The only difference is that instead of inserting the email address in the contacts field, you will be inserting a fax number in a unique format. Make sure that you use numbers only, no spaces, and then add the fax company extension.

Composing the message

After you have entered the fax number of the targeted recipient, you should move to the subject line. With normal mails, this would be the headline for your email. But now, it will serve as the message for the cover part of your fax. Use this field to type any cover message that you want. Moving on to the message body box, this is where you type the details of your emails. The best part about it is that you can attach files to the fax too. This is a major boost because it would be a big challenge when you want to do it with the traditional faxing systems.


Clicking on the “send message” button after doing this will mean that you have just sent your first fax from your Google account. Your recipients can then reply, and that is how you keep in touch going forward.…

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Mobile websites

Things to look for when buying a mobile phone

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The decision of getting a particular phone sometimes will be based on the advertisements, friends or family members. It does not mean that just because the friend or family member told you that you would like the phone that you will love it. There is more to consider when it comes to buying a phone in making sure that you get the best. A phone is something that we only have a chance of obtaining once after a long time, so there is no need of rushing and getting something that you will not actually like using. Continue reading to have a scope of things to look for when buying a mobile phone.


phone budget

The one thing that it’s crucial in getting a new phone and it’s the deciding factor too is the budget.it does not matter the price that you have set out it will affect the phone that you will get. After you have the set budget, then you can just look around at some of the options that you have. Make sure that after the visit to the shop you don’t end up getting confused and liking a phone more that’s way out of the budget that you have planned. Always make sure that you stick to the budget, but if it’s okay to use the saved money, then you can go ahead.


Most people will choose a screen that’s bigger and so many people will consider if to get a particular phone depending on the screen. Forgetting one thing and that is if the screen is bigger the more battery it’s going to use. Also, the best screen to go for is the LED. Because when compared to the LCDs they have deficient power use, and they are thinner.

Battery life

battery life

The most vital thing is the battery life of the phone that you are planning on getting next. If you are on the road most of the time, then you have to have a phone that you can rely on. If the phone has an insufficient battery capacity, then most of the tie the phone will die on you. The thing that will tell you if a phone has the best battery is the talk time. If the phone has anything less than 12 hours, then it should not be on the list of the phones that you are considering. Click here for the Telstra mobile plans.…

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Data management

Practices that will help to prevent data and privacy breaches

cyber security

Data and privacy breach can be defined as an occurrence where unauthorized individuals access confidential, sensitive or protected data. They can either view the information or steal it. This kind of data that is breached includes trade secrets, intellectual property, personally identifiable information or personal health information. These breaches present a problem to individuals who risk being hacked. Consequently, they have come up with practices that help to prevent data and privacy breaches.

Practices to help curb data and privacy breaches

Assessment of company’s data breach risks beyond IT security

IT securityThe individuals tackling breaches in security should focus on eliminating threats in the entire organization. This includes other sectors of the company and not just the IT department. Evaluation of employee exit strategies by the Human Resource department is necessary. Moreover, on-site and off-site data storage practices must be consistently tested. Remote project protocol also has to undergo evaluation. This evaluation will present grounds for the establishment of new procedures and policies and actual physical safeguards to deter data and privacy breaches.

An establishment of a detailed data loss protection plan

The data loss protection plan that is created should be comprehensive. This will make sure the individual put to task to deal with data breaches has a decisive plan of action to prevent paralysis of operations when the breach happens. These efforts will not go unrecognizable by the organization’s customer base. The consumers will know that in case of a data breach, the company already has a plan to deal with the security threat. The security plan is spread throughout the structure of the organization’s management to make sure every individual knows their part to play if a breach happens.

Educate the employees


Employees should be taught how to handle and protect data that is considered sensitive. Corporate policy is designed in such a way that portable data is safeguarded when employees working at an organization follow the rules. When the employees know how to handle situations involving prevention of data breaches, they can incorporate practices that work to that effect.

Train and offer technical support to mobile workers

To prevent data breaches, the organization should have provisions in their management to offer training and technical support to their workers regardless of where they are conducting their work practices from. Similar standards for data security should be maintained despite the working location. The mobile workers should be provided with policies to push for security.…

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Mobile websites

Mistakes to avoid when developing a mobile website

using technology

A mobile website can be defined as internet services that are based on a browser that can be accessed from mobile devices or handsets. For instance smartphones or feature phones. This is done either through a mobile network or a wireless network. In the development of mobile websites, the web developer needs to avoid making certain mistakes. This ensures the websites created are the best quality. The mistakes to avoid during the development process are outlined in the discussion below.

Mistakes to avoid in the mobile website development process

Unfriendly menus

menusThe menus on a mobile website should be paid attention to because of the critical role they play. The menus need to be mobile responsive. Being responsive allows users to have a clear idea of what they should expect from the website and the navigational structure. Mobile websites do not give the users adequate space for the application of breadcrumbs. Consequently, the menus play a bigger role in conveying information and engaging the users. The use of symbols or arrows is a good concept. The menus should be kept short, and they should employ the use of concise and simple terms. The menus should also be positioned accurately, and the user experience across the various devices should be considered. The main point herein is the importance of avoiding menus that are unfriendly.

Using a different domain

Another mistake to avoid is the use of a different domain. This is because the use of a separate domain makes no change in the results obtained or to the user experience. It is important to just maintain the same domain, for instance, .com or .org for the website. Buying a separate domain is a waste of money and effort when deploying resources to design and code the mobile-friendly site. Thus, the individual should use the same website for both mobile and non-mobile platforms.

Using content that ruins the user experience

phone userThe website developer should also avoid content that ruins the user’s experience. If the content needs a large amount of coding in the mobile version, it should be avoided. If the elements fail to work well with mobile browsers, they should be avoided. Such as JavaScript. Moreover, if the elevation of visuals is done at the cost of loading time, it should be skipped because it will frustrate the users and lead to poor user experience. It should also be avoided because it results in adverse effects on search engine optimization prospects.…

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The HYDRO2015 Conference & Exhibition will be held at the CTICC (from the 23rd to 25th November 2015). HYDRO2015 will seek to bring the international hydrographic community together to learn about the latest techniques and developments and to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Unlike other prominent events in the international calendar, e.g. Oceanology International and Ocean Business, Hydro is predominantly a technical conference supported by an exhibition and social programme rather than a trade expo. The theme for the conference is:“Defining the extent and ownership of maritime real estate for development in Africa”

Hydro conferences typically attract 300-350 delegates from up to 40 countries with 52 stands/booths in the accompanying exhibition. Delegates have a range of levels of expertise in hydrography, civil engineering, oceanography, geophysics and marine resource management and other associated fields, and represent oil and gas exploration companies, contract survey companies, port authorities, government, military and public service authorities, petroleum companies, research and educational institutions, telecommunications organisation, engineering consultants, acoustic, dredging and salvage contractors, oceanographic and survey equipment manufacturers and all aspects of private practice.

This conference will attract decision makers from government and the private sector, to prospective users, academics, vendors, policy makers and representatives of various national and international organizations working in the arena of the Hydrography.

Keynotes and Plenaries
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Robert van de Poll MH370 The Search 2

Abstract Submitted to date
Abstract Title Category
Application of land management principles to aid improved marine management systems African case studies: General
Building shallow marine survey capacity at Namdeb African case studies: General
Extending Sea State Measurements from Wave Buoys to Vessels Underway African case studies: General
How the “Long Walkâ€is helping Robben Island Museum delineate, understand and manage their 1 Nm exclusive zone African case studies: General
Initial case study results of rights, restrictions and responsibilities in the coastal zone in the Langebaan Lagoon/Saldanha area, Western Cape – understanding challenges of establishing a marine cadastre integrated with the existing land cadastre African case studies: General
Offshore earthquake sources for the East Coast of SA African case studies: General
Recreating submerged landscapes using marine geophysics: case study from Mossel Bay, South Africa African case studies: General
Using hydrographic and geophysical techniques to map nearshore natural resources of the Cape Peninsula Aiding resource access
Nippon Foundation / GEBCO Postgraduate Certificate in Ocean Bathymetry training program Capacity building: General
Revolutionizing Chart Production
Supporting safer navigation with high resolution bathymetry
A Case Study in Capacity Building Education and training: General
Competence for Professionals Education and training: General
Hydrographic Surveying and Coastal Zone Cadastres: Contributions to teaching and learning – B.Sc. Geomatics at UCT Education and training: General
African 54 State Law of the Sea Summary: A detailed “Mapping Application” controlling 19,384,738 km2 (geodetic) of Maritime Frontier
Near-Real time data processing with CARIS Onboard
New algorithm for multibeam imagery processing
The use of variable resolution surfaces in an efficient hydrographic workflow New technology and equipment: General

Strategic Partners




Local International


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Critical dates
Call for abstracts 1 March Registration and payment opens 1 June
Deadline for 1st receipt of abstracts extended to 30 June Early Bird closes 21 August
Deadline for review of abstracts extended to 7 July Pre- Registration and payment closes 6 November
Notification to authors 7 July
Call for papers 7 July
Deadline for 1st receipt of papers 21 July
Deadline for review of papers 14 August
Deadline for final receipt of papers 31 August
Deadline for author registration 31 August
Preparation & printing of book of abstracts 1 October
Transcribing of papers onto delegate’s media 22 October
Presentation of papers 22 November

Hydro2015 PhotosSMALL.jpg…

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