Tracking Ketosis Using Smartphone Apps

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The keto diet is always mentioned in many weight loss success stories. Success in keto is often determined by how well you manage to stick to the diet program. Unfortunately, most people do not find it easy to track their diet, and this often compromises their body’s ability to achieve a state of ketosis.

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Achieving a state of ketosis requires you to monitor the food you eat or the amounts of ketones in your blood. The best way to go about this process is to embrace technology. This requires you to record and keep updating any relevant data. Instead of trying to remember what you ate, it is easier to download an app that will allow you to do this at your convenience.

Smartphone Apps for Ketosis

The role played by smartphones has been highlighted in the previous sections. In light of that, here are some smartphone apps that could help you achieve a state of ketosis and thus shed those extra pounds.

MyFitness Pal

This is one of the best free apps for anyone working towards shedding weight. What this app does is that it allows you to input your weight, calories goals, food combinations, and even help you learn more about store products by scanning their barcodes. You might have to use the online keto calculator first to determine your optimal dietary requirements.

Blood Ketone Measuring

The blood ketone measuring is highly regarded as far as ketosis is concerned. Unfortunately, most people do not see the need to keep using it after some time considering that feel that they have the experience needed to monitor how much they eat. Personal monitoring is often prone to miscalculations and errors. Accurate tracking, offered by the blood ketone measuring app, is key to achieving a state of ketosis.

Net Carbs

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This app is particularly essential for anyone who needs to track the amounts carbohydrates consumed. This classifies carbs and evaluates the net. Notably, considering that carbs from fibrous foods are good for your digestive system, it subtracts the total amount of carbs from fiber from the total amount of carbohydrates consumed to get the net carbs value.

It is clear that you can now use technology to track the food you eat. However, achieving a state of ketosis requires you to stick to some strict dietary requirements. For more information, you should read this page to understand what ketosis entails before you start using any of these apps. With a good understanding of what keto diets are all about, it becomes a lot easier to monitor your portions. …

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Hydro conferences typically attract 300-350 delegates from up to 40 countries with 52 stands/booths in the accompanying exhibition. Delegates have a range of levels of expertise in hydrography, civil engineering, oceanography, geophysics and marine resource management and other associated fields, and represent oil and gas exploration companies, contract survey companies, port authorities, government, military and public service authorities, petroleum companies, research and educational institutions, telecommunications organisation, engineering consultants, acoustic, dredging and salvage contractors, oceanographic and survey equipment manufacturers and all aspects of private practice.

This conference will attract decision makers from government and the private sector, to prospective users, academics, vendors, policy makers and representatives of various national and international organizations working in the arena of the Hydrography.

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Application of land management principles to aid improved marine management systems African case studies: General
Building shallow marine survey capacity at Namdeb African case studies: General
Extending Sea State Measurements from Wave Buoys to Vessels Underway African case studies: General
How the “Long Walkâ€is helping Robben Island Museum delineate, understand and manage their 1 Nm exclusive zone African case studies: General
Initial case study results of rights, restrictions and responsibilities in the coastal zone in the Langebaan Lagoon/Saldanha area, Western Cape – understanding challenges of establishing a marine cadastre integrated with the existing land cadastre African case studies: General
Offshore earthquake sources for the East Coast of SA African case studies: General
Recreating submerged landscapes using marine geophysics: case study from Mossel Bay, South Africa African case studies: General
Using hydrographic and geophysical techniques to map nearshore natural resources of the Cape Peninsula Aiding resource access
Nippon Foundation / GEBCO Postgraduate Certificate in Ocean Bathymetry training program Capacity building: General
Revolutionizing Chart Production
Supporting safer navigation with high resolution bathymetry
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Competence for Professionals Education and training: General
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Near-Real time data processing with CARIS Onboard
New algorithm for multibeam imagery processing
The use of variable resolution surfaces in an efficient hydrographic workflow New technology and equipment: General

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